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Veteran's Benefits

Schenectady Veterans Benefits Lawyer

Many veterans know that there are benefits available to them, but struggle to access them. After their service to our country, many come home to find insufficient support and discouraging bureaucratic barriers.

At the Law Office of Kathleen M. Toombs, we are committed to helping veterans obtain the benefits and assistance they are entitled to. Just because you or a loved one has been denied a claim does not mean you must accept the denial. We will guide you through the process of appealing the denied claim, providing the knowledge and services needed for a successful claim.

Schenectady County VA Disability Benefits Attorney - Guiding You Through the VA Claims Process

The process of filing a claim and being approved follows a rigid timeline:

  • The veteran must submit the written claim without the help of an attorney to the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • The DVA will mail a reply stating whether the claim was accepted or denied.
  • Within one year of a denial, the veteran must mail Notice of Disagreement as the first step in administrative appeal.
  • The DVA will review the claim and send you a Statement of the Case, detailing reasons for the claim denial.
  • Within 60 days of receiving the Statement of the Case, the veteran must submit VA Form 9.
  • The claim will then be reviewed by the Board of Veterans' Appeals. Additional appeals must be filed within 120 days.

These deadlines are strict and missing any, whether due to delay or mistakes in the application, can make you ineligible for benefits. There are many technicalities and loopholes upon which your claim can be denied.

We handle this process on a routine basis in a wide variety of circumstances and can quickly gather the information needed for a successful claim.

New York and Schenectady Veterans Benefits Attorney

We will assess the situation as it stands right now, reviewing the veteran's medical, financial and home situation. We will then evaluate what must be done and what programs are available for the veteran, developing a customized plan of action. We will review all transactions and documentation to make sure that everything is there and all required information is provided.

Should you be required to appear in person, we are available to accompany you, providing support and legal guidance.

To arrange a consultation with a veterans benefits lawyer, please contact our office today at 518-379-9753.

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